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Film & Motion Graphics

Love your experiments (as you would an ugly child) : Bruce Mau
RF – Value Films

Four TV spots/inspirational films we made for The Swedish Sport Confederation. Part of a campaign to promote the values of Swedish sport. Three of the films where screened as commercials on Swedish TV 4.




Sound and video installation at the Swedish Architecture Museum in Stockholm. Part of Revision: MAMA on the construction of history (2004). In cooperation with Beeoff through Olle Huge, Tomas Linell and Mikael Scherdin. Programming and soundscape by Tomas Linell. A real time generated video stream was projected on the inside of the drop. The stream consisted of material from the architectural offices of White Arkitekter and Nyréns Arkitekter. See also the article ARKDOK 2.0 (in Swedish).


SR Digital Home 05

SR Digital Home, Visitors Desk.
Event design for Swedish Radio. Motion graphics, graphic design and monter design.

Selected Projects
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