Introducing MuseScore 4: A new era in notation software
December 14, 2022

MuseScore, the world’s most popular free and open source composition software has been completely overhauled. Introducing MuseScore 4.

MuseScore 4 is much easier to use and is far more powerful and capable than previous versions. It also has new engraving standards and playback that easily competes with the best any paid application has to offer” explains Martin Keary, Product Owner of MuseScore 4.

The passion of the MuseScore team rings loud and clear in every individual major development to MuseScore 4’s interface, playback, engraving quality, capability and accessibility. This new release makes MuseScore 4 the most powerful and easy-to-use notation software available.

Who is MuseScore 4 for?

We don't believe in barriers to creativity. MuseScore 4 will always remain free, so it’s the perfect app for composers starting out, music educators, or anyone who wants to experiment with notation.

Although MuseScore 4 is designed to be intuitive and accessible to all, it has all the dynamic and versatile features you would expect from professional engraving software. So even the most-dedicated composers can make their ideas a reality in MuseScore 4.

What is included?

Whether you're writing a symphony or a solo; composing for jazz band, marching band or pop band, MuseScore 4 has everything you need.

  • Compose with smart, intuitive tools, all designed for an effortless workflow. Adjust pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and articulation as you go. Edit parts for multiple-instruments with ease.
  • Enjoy a premium-quality engraving system, so even the most complex notation is positioned in easy-to-read formats. Customize your scores with different note-fonts and styles.
  • Preview your creations with an advanced audio playback engine that supports instrument mixing, plus VST instrument and effects plug-ins.
  • Feel moved by your music, thanks to astonishingly realistic Muse Sounds. These preset plug-ins include meticulously-sampled strings, woodwind, brass, percussion, choirs, synths and more. All sound collections are available to download free from the Muse Hub app.
  • Save your creations to your account and publish to the MuseScore library of scores.