Hal Leonard & Muse Group launch MuseClass, an all-in-one education solution for music teachers
June 4, 2024
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Designed for teachers of Grade 6-12 students, the first major software release since Hal Leonard joined Muse Group includes world-leading music and method books, assignment features, and AI-powered practice tools. 

Hal Leonard, the world’s largest sheet music and music education publisher, and music innovators Muse Group, launch MuseClass, an assignment, grading, and music content platform set to transform instrumental teaching (grade 6-12) in the U.S.

MuseClass allows music educators and band directors to share, collect, and grade assignments on an easy-to-use platform, which also contains a curated library of educational content. Students receive assignments through the MuseClass app (available on iOS, Android & Chromebook), and can submit their progress as video or audio recordings, or upload worksheets. 

One notable MuseClass feature is AutoGrade, the AI-powered practice tool. This pioneering technology listens to a student’s performance and provides immediate feedback on timing and pitch, even for polyphonic instruments like piano or guitar. The tool can inspire students to repeat their practice sessions, or a teacher can set an AutoGrade challenge as an assignment.

At launch, MuseClass includes free digital content from Hal Leonard’s iconic Essential Elements, the gold-standard curriculum for bands and strings in the U.S. now available in concert with next-generation digital tools for the first time. The content library is set to rapidly expand in the coming school year with pedagogical scores and method books drawn from Hal Leonard’s exclusively licensed, premium arrangements — current titles span everything from Taylor Swift and The Beatles to John Williams and Disney soundtracks. Teachers can also compose their own exercises or worksheets with MuseScore Studio, Muse Group’s award-winning, intuitive notation software.

The platform is completely free for all schools until August 1 2025 and will continue to be developed with close feedback from music educators. In year two, MuseClass remains free for teachers, with a $15.99 annual cost per student and custom offerings for school districts.

MuseClass marks the first major release since Hal Leonard joined digital-content and technology leader Muse Group last year, with a shared vision to provide unparalleled access to the best resources to music makers worldwide. The new MuseClass reworks a Muse Group prototype, which is transformed with the addition of Hal Leonard’s content catalog and unparalleled 70 years of experience collaborating with U.S. educators.

The AutoGrade tool within MuseClass is the next step in the evolution of Muse Group’s machine learning listening technology. In September 2023, the iPad app StaffPad launched ‘Piano Capture,’ a feature that hears real piano performances and converts them into readable sheet music — technology recently spotlighted in Apple’s M4 chip launch.

In January 2024, the same capability was deployed in Ultimate Guitar’s Practice Mode, extending this breakthrough technology to millions of digital music makers. Now in MuseClass’ AutoGrade, a whole generation of young learners can enjoy the benefits of practicing and improving instrumental skills with AI-guidance.

In the future, the MuseClass feature set and content library is set to expand based on the evolving needs of U.S. teachers — including print offerings for band leaders and Google Classroom integration. MuseClass software for Kindergarten to Grade 6 educators and for regions outside the U.S. is also coming soon. 

MuseClass is available now, and completely free to get started in 2024.

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