Muse Group opens its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus
July 6, 2022

Since its inception in Cyprus in early 2021, Muse Group set up a plan to centralise its product development and business operations in Limassol. This plan ensures all product teams work side-by-side under a harmonised vision to build a holistic ecosystem of music content and tools.

By creating a single European headquarter for its suite of digital products, Muse Group will streamline cross-product innovation and unify technological standards and infrastructure.

The Limassol office will further develop Muse Group’s flagship platforms and services, including and Ultimate Guitar websites and apps.With MuseScore (MuseScore BVBA) moving from Belgium to Cyprus — a process that started in 2021 and is close to completion — Muse Group will consolidate its development and marketing under one roof, while driving productivity and efficiency.

Ultimate Guitar (Ultimate Guitar USA LLC), that has been operating out of San Francisco, USA, from 2008, will maintain its strategic presence in the US as its largest market, with the purpose of nurturing licensing partnerships and establishing new business relations.

Muse Group is also looking to expand its international network of industry-leading experts in London, Berlin and beyond. This will enable Muse Group to stay ahead of the latest business advancements and preserve its leadership position in the fast-growing industry of music content, platforms and software.